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See Her

Have you seen her.?
She was the climax of creation
The grand finale of God’s invention
A companion to her Adam
A “help meet” to help him fulfill destiny and achieve stardom
The rhythm that brings harmony to his sound
Without her, his music is noise all around.
She’s the ark God built for him in the storm
She’s his fortress and light in the dark
The element of his love and instrument of passion
She alone can spur him to action.

Have you seen her.?
The lady that purposed in her heart to be different
Her dressing is modest and her words are decent
Progressive is she, enough to be an entrepreneur
Ready to clothe her children
She eat not the bread of idleness.
Strength and honour are her clothing
Wisdom is dispensed from her inside
Kindness resides in her system
She sees her husband as her duty
And understands good character is beauty.

Have you seen her.?
The true lover and the real mother
Who understands what it takes to build a home
And the process in the beauty of Rome
A friend that understand too much loads break the wagon
Not putting a load of burden on her man
But ready to support him through every second
A woman that knows her responsibilities and believes in possibilities
She bridles her tongue and gives words of affirmation
She’s contented and committed
She’s not a manipulator but a motivator
Her husband calls her blessed.

Have you seen her.?
Not she who left the bedroom for a boardroom
Nor she who left the kitchen for a spa
But the lady that can create the balance
And sing with her king songs of life in stanzas
The Eve that won’t allow her ambition compromise the marital institution
That will respect her Adam and won’t see him as a competition.
She that knows the essence of a war room
Ready to pray for her home, families and her groom.

She was removed from him
That is why he was attracted to her
She’s the softer clay side of him
His tenderness and that emotions he couldn’t share
She’s the peace in him that was never there
The missing rib that left his side hollow
The part that completes him
His strength and energy that wipes away his sorrow.
Have you seen her.?
A friend and a true companion
Who kiss beyond the body
But passionately reach deeper to the soul
A Confidant that gives confidence
She who understands that sex last for a few minutes
But friendship last forever
She’s a wife, she’s a jewel
She’s a virtuous woman.

(Have you seen her.?)…/…/lost-to-find_4.html

Yommy Bishop.
copyright© July 2016.



last nite

Last night I cried

I cried over the rottenness of men

And the truth they cannot defend

For the cancerous decay in the flesh of our society

By the daily ejaculation of these evil philosophies

The philosophy that have been accepted and conceptualized

The demonic display that got us all hypnotized.

I cried for the pointless agendas that has invaded our calendars

The needful defenders that are gone till November

And the needless Avengers that are seen on arrival.


Last night I cried for the love we never made

And the reasons we slave through these social gates

Affection that has been long lost

Connection that was initially forced.

I cried for the rough and painful Penetration

That left the virgin with pain pleasure and blood

I wept for the atheist that believe in no God

For the bubbles that we burst and souls we daily lost

Through the nonchalance of our leaders

It all started like a joke with the military rulers.


Democracy came and made us crazy

Militancy started

We thought they are just creek boys that are lazy

It took a turn with the boko boys

Disguising to be a body of Islam with boko bombs

Flesh and blood daily seen everywhere

Same news we hear every year.

I cried for the souls we don’t value

The security details our leaders couldn’t handle

Same reasons we kept mourning and burning needless candles

Oh what a shame, what a debacle.

Now that the herdsmen are on a rampaging bloody display

I can assure you, this blood bath has been put on replay.


Last night I cried for our clergymen

Our Bishops and Imams who celebrates the illegalities of these greedy men

Men of honour, whose minds are full of horror

Political bastards, that steals our sovereign wealth with no conscience

What else can be compared to this socioeconomic nonsense

Yet our pastors refrain the truth

Just for the digits and money bags transferred to their boots

With their tithes and offerings they take covering

Leaving the poor congregation to a mass suffering

They brandish in their apparel like lords

Speaking in an arrogant and an unholy tongue

They pray for these men of evil

Yet they claim they cast out the devil

Twisting the truth embedded in the bible

Oh Lord save us from this religious riddle.


Last night I cried

I cried for the youth in this generation

That now believe in nothing but a painless penetration

Those that has taken up pleasure as a lifestyle

Not ready to work but sag, twerk and act the gangster

The ones that believe a blow job is better than no job

And will do anything immoral to get to the top.

I cried for morals that has been eroded

The walk to stardom that made them deluded

I cried for youth on twitter throwing banters

They live a life of no meaningful stanzas.

I cried for the baby mama’s

That did the wrong thing to climb the ladder

And the baby papa’s that forgot the law of karma.


Last night I cried for me

I cried for you

I cried for a future that looks never to be true

While we still hoping in the freshness of the morning dew

Last night might be my last night

The night I will masturbate with pain

And ejaculate these words of truth

But someday i pray i will enjoy a safe penetration

That requires no noisy altercation.

A penetration into the political class of my generation

Hoping this will happen without a Revolution.


©Yommybishop…..31st May 2016.



bosom 2
Friend they say come and go
You my friend have come to grow
From the first day I met you
I have learn to Love and Cherish you.
You came with your fullness
With a large heart full of gladness
You put my soul at rest
You have what it takes to cure this madness.
Your presence always get my attention
You are so kind, the food basket of our nation
Your friendship I will never deny
Like Sinai, you cut across all situation.
The texture of your gesture is pure
You are a friend that is forever sure
You need no second-guessing
You just a pot-full of blessings.
Your cosy smile brigthens from a mile
Your gland excitingly makes every man sigh
Your beauty is incomplete without you
My friend, you champion the course of many youths.
By these tower of Babel I will stand
On these twin tower I will climb
Until I get to the peak of this streak
Bosomy, I will ever remain so sick.
Friend they say come and go
You my friend have largely grown
From the very first day I met you
I have always longed to get you.
Feed me my friend from the fullness of your bosom
Feed me awesomely, let me feel so wholesome.
Yommy Bishop®…………{21st April 2016}©




By this red sea I am with my rod standing
After my exodus from many years of waiting
With headache and heartache I’ve marched through the wilderness
Just like Moses and the Israelites did in bewilderment.

I can hear the sound of the world behind me
Just like the chariots and horses of the Egyptian army.
But by this red sea I stand my staff
Hoping it will path way for me to pass.

With my rugged rod standing, here by the bay
Outstretched towards the sea all the way.
Now that the sun still shines let’s make hay
Oh red sea path for me I pray.

Here I am from the longest journey
Toiled day and night even pathed my little money
But by this red sea I stand in faith
Tell her to open up for me with a tidal wave

Let me march through this red sea with the magic of my rod
Let me walk on her dry land and make it wet leaving behind the world
By this red sea I firmly stand
With an outstretch of my rod in hand.

Tell her, to the promise land I belong
Let me march through with my rod all along
No matter the drama happening behind me
Oh red sea I demand you to hear me.

Oh red sea I demand you to hear me
Look not to the drama behind me
Let me march through with my rod along
Tell her to her promise land I belong.

Yommybishop………..March 2016©

Grace Found Me

Grace; I knew her from my youthful days
Days I couldn’t even phantom my way.
Her beauty is that of a goddess
Great shape, great curves, yet she’s so modest.

She’s a princess in our kingdom
A pretty daughter of the greatest king
A great man who fears no war
Who himself is regarded as the law.

I knew her in my youthful days
“Mercy the light Queen” is her mother’s name.
I was poor and couldn’t dine with the royal
maybe because I lack the understanding to be loyal.

Around my neck I grew up with beads of struggle
Catwalking in the wilderness full of troubles
Yet I didn’t allow laziness to have its way
For, I know one day light will illuminate my days.

Mysteriously this day I walked past the camp of the Queen
Her light caught me and brought me to life, clearly keen
On my hustle to be the bread winner,
She invited me to dine with Grace her daughter
Now I’m on the royal table with kings even though I stutter.

I had a date with Mercy
And Grace found me worthy
Just like Esther in the holy book
I’m now a royal, sought after with a great outlook.


A poem of a bread seller turned story teller.
Olajumoke Orisaguna, now a motivational speaker.
“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.”
Remember,If you want something out of your day, you must put something in it,
Don’t count the days, Make the days count.Grace



Heard drums rolling in the land

Citizens watching, clapping their hands

Here again, the season of winners

After ballot snatching by followers, thugs and killers

They got into power whichever way

By hook or crook, they just must have their say

No permanent friend, but permanent interest

Oh Lord, save us from this arrant nonsense.


Democrats or Kleptocrats

I wonder who these people really are

They roll out crazy agendas and show off like a movie star

With their Agbadas and Babariga

A gown sewn without honour, integrity and principles

Adorned with a crown that lacks Godly pinnacle.

Elected into office to make policies

But it’s all about themselves and social groceries

The thought of the people is never on their mind

Common priorities gladly pushed behind

They gang up to steal our common wealth

They act aloof with no common sense

Carrying out white Elephant capital projects

Just to siphon from our treasuries

They are elicit thieves, whom enough can never be enough

They are kleptocrats that must be instantly stopped.


Technocrats or Kleptocrats

I’m still wondering who they really are

Appointed ministers, advisers and commissioners

But they won’t stop cutting dubious corners.

They fly around in private jets and ride expensive cars

Leaving our roads in colossal tatters

Living in houses only cool money can buy

They are mostly thieves living in disguise

Always in Abuja, putting their hands in the cookie jar

Their certificates mostly made in Harvard

But to our economy they causing hazard

They act as if they are goal getters

Eloquent, resourceful and pacesetters

But look deeply, they are all quiet noise makers.

They bring ideas from the western world

Giving their ignorant masters reasons to borrow more

Yet they never implement a thing

They only complement a bigger thief.



Technocrats’ awol, kleptocrats aloof

Seeing public office as a place of awoof

Common front unison to steal and loot

Yet, up in the north, all we hear is “boom”.


YommyBishop………Dec 2015©



Come into my eden my love, my spouse
Come and be the mate in my house
I have waited so long alone in this garden
Commune with me and take away my boredom
Come let us eat this apple no more forbidden
Let’s be creative savouring the juice of the fruit in our eden
Touch me and let me be ravished
Submit yourself to me not the cunning serpent
Heed to my voice and be contended
Fill me from the fullness of your breast
Hold me to your side and give me eternal rest.

Come to me my love my wife
Don’t let vain imagination of Delilah ruin my life
Last I read she was on Samson’s lap
Sweet nonsense that destroyeth a man
Strange women from then pit of hell
They that makes men ring illegal bell
Come to me and tease me aloud
Please me tonight oh ye my spouse
Turn me on and motivate me with great words
Cus’ Pleasant words are as an honeycomb
Sweet to the soul and healthy to the bone.

Come oh ye daughter of Zion
Come in your fullness, and tend to my garden my lady lion
You are strong and fairest among women
Speak to my heart, take my soul on a bliss
Sing to me sweetly like a dove on the tree
Come into my bed, let us eat this fruit in the center of eden
Knowing well that the heavens has given credence
Let your fragrance hold me spell bound
Let us copulate in many rounds
Please set me as a seal upon thine heart
Make me your zeal here on earth
For love is stronger than death
Its the greatest scenario we can ever get.

Thou has ravished my heart my spouse
Tonight, thou has brought warmness to my house
Until day break and shadow flee away
I will climb these mountains of myrh full of passion
And dive into the ocean of frankincense in erotic reaction
I will swim across the seven seas
And levitate towards the ninth cloud
I will taste the honey specially made in the moon
And consummate our union like a strong groom
I will not stop until I satisfy you and my conscience
I will not stop until we erupt together in oneness.

(For Couples Night)